Electronic Manufacturing

  • New Project Develoment
  • We will research and develop your product
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Electronic assembly line
  • Electronic design and manufacture
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Maintainance contracts
  • Repairs and testing services

Welcome to Electronic Manufacturers , a division of Health Technology Pty, LTD. We are a 35 year old business that prides itself in producing quality products at affordable prices. We have facilities to design or re-design new and current equipment to project specifications. We have full time engineers and an assembly line for the fabrication of electronic devices in full or part. We will take on any existing work to suit either local or international markets. We specialize in bring your product to market.

We specialize in bringing your product to market.

Contact us today so that we can engineer a "solution for your product"

www.slimmingmachines.com , www.htech.co.za
www.htech.co.za , www.slimmingmachines.com

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